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The online portal „1000x Berlin“ - pictures and stories of a city

is a cooperation project planned and implemented by employees of the Berlin regional museums and the foundation Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of Greater Berlin.

The selected annotated photo series of the online portal show how Berlin and its districts have changed over the past hundred years. From the perspective of everyday and social history, it illustrates how Berlin's current diversity has evolved.

With this joint project, the regional museums and the Stadtmuseum provide insights into their collections and archives and present photographs in new contexts. With the portal, they offer users the opportunity to inform themselves online about the eventful Berlin history - from the city of millions to particular neighbourhoods. At the same time, Berlin people are invited to upload their photographs to the platform in order to tell their own stories.

A project within the scope of:

grossesB Berlin 100

Sponsored by:

Lotto Stiftung Berlin dotBERLIN

Idea and Concept
Dr. Udo Gößwald

Project Board
Monica Geyler von Bernus
Birgit Kahl

Project Management
Julia Dilger, Dr. Claudia Gemmeke, Monica Geyler-von Bernus, Dr. Udo Gösswald, Dr. Irene von Götz, Birgit Kahl, Sebastian Ruff, Martin Schäfer

Participating institutions are responsible for content and online editing of the picture series and biographical portraits:

Museum Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in Villa Oppenheim
Schlossstrasse 55/Otto-Grüneberg-Weg
14059 Berlin
Heike Hartmann, Museum Management
Authors Text and Picture Series: Katja Kaiser, Sonja Miltenberger, Janet Fraser

FHXB Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Museum
Adalbertstrasse 95A
10999 Berlin
Natalie Bayer, Museum Management
Authors Text and Picture Series: Ulrike Treziak, Ellen Röhner

Museum Lichtenberg in Stadthaus
Türrschmidtstrasse 24
10317 Berlin 
Dr. Thomas Thiele, Museum Management
Authors Text and Picture Series: Dr. Dirk Moldt, Julia Novak

District Museum Marzahn-Hellerdorf
Haus 1: Alt-Marzahn 51 / Haus 2: Alt-Marzahn 55
12685 Berlin
Dorothee Ifland, Museum Management
Authors Text and Picture Series: Dr. Christa Hübner, Dorothee Ifland

Museum Neukölln
Alt-Britz 81
12359 Berlin
Dr. Udo Gösswald, Museum Management
Authors Text and Picture Series: Julia Dilger, Anabel Fuchs

Museum Pankow, Cultural and Educational Centre Sebastian Haffner
Prenzlauer Allee 227/228
10405 Berlin 
Bernt Roder, Museum Management
Author Text and Picture Series: Beate Boehnisch

Museum Reinickendorf
Alt-Hermsdorf 35 
13467 Berlin 
Dr. Cornelia Gerner, Museum Management
Authors Text and Picture Series: Friederike Schuster, Christiane Borgelt  

City History Museum Spandau
Am Juliusturm 64
13599 Berlin
Dr. Urte Evert, Museum Management
Authors Text and Picture Series: Carmen Mann, Sebastian Schuth, Anabel Fuchs, Paula Lange, Felix Jaeger, Heiko Metz

Museums Tempelhof-Schöneberg
Hauptstrasse 40/42
10827 Berlin
Dr. Irene von Götz, Museum Management
Author Text and Picture Series: Johanna Muschelknautz 

Museums Treptow-Köpenick
Alter Markt 1
12555 Berlin
Agathe Conradi, Museum Management
Authors Text and Picture Series: Agathe Conradi, Matthias Wiedebusch, Dora Busch

Foundation Stadtmuseum Berlin
Poststrasse 13/14
10178 Berlin
Paul Spies, Museum Management
Authors Text and Picture Serie: Sissie-Carlotta Hilgenstein, Mariane Pöschel

Babette Jonas, Köln

Layout and Technical Implementation
berlinHistory e.V.
Schreinerstrasse 59
10247 Berlin
Oliver Brentzel, Klaus König

Our special thanks for the friendly support go to:
Jennifer Rasch and Sebastian Steininger, Museum Neukölln
Landesarchiv Berlin
Foundation Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin
Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing